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#23837 by CodeOptimist
Sun Feb 22, 2004 9:29 pm

I've got a Coppermine Celeron (566MHz) FCPGA processor in a PCChips M767V board using a Slot 1 to Socket 370 converter (slocket). Yes, I know - shame on me for using a PCChips motherboard :P It's the only available motherboard I have at the moment.

The board boots up fine (recognizing the chip as a "Pentium III 600MHz") and boots into Windows fine. Except, the L2 cache is disabled for some strange reason! (only the 32KB L1 cache is "reported")

I thought this might be because it's a slightly older board, so I found the latest BIOS for it (dated 04/02/99) and flashed it - no difference. Apparently the "great" fellows at PCChips didn't bother to add Cu-mine support in the BIOS :wink:

Is there anything I can do here, other than finding a different motherboard? I've looked through the CMOS setup menu just in case and have not found a "L2 Cache Disable" setting :) There were no problems with an older 400MHz P2 Celeron processor.