motherboard does not support CPU as advertised.

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Pentium processor 2.4 GHZ and ECS motherboard sold as combo at FRY'S electronics. After installed, it runs at only 1.8 GHZ. I then changed jumpers to 133 MHZ frequency position. Speed 2.4 GHZ does show up at boot time but computer immediately freezes. Can any one help me ? Thanks.
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ECS mainboard model name ??
Are you sure you got a 2400 ? > Boxed version with cooler or try version without + extra cooler ?
PSU Voltages OK ?
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Although I don't live in the US, I understood Fry's were pretty good about taking things back. I have heard you should never buy one of their returns, though.
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Sounds like marginal memory to me. Is that PC2700 you got there?

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