My Motherboard doesn't recognize my CPU, but should support.

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I had just bought a new CPU Intel Socket370 1.2GHz.
In the manual of my MB Gigabyte GA-6VXE7+ is written, that it can make a CPU with 1 GHz or higher. Even I can set the freq. ratio to 9.

But when I build it in, the Motherboard makes no beep. I have the newest Firmware installed (6vxe7+_fa) and obvious I have PCB3.0 My Manual said that, but I don't know where can I see this in a programm(e.g. Sandra SiSoft).
Please help me.
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1.2GHz is a Tualatin CPU-type and this is not supported by your mainboard .
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Or do a modification of the Tualatin CPU - you can find it at many places on the internet. It requires cutting two or three and connecting two pins.
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