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#31119 by mmozbilen
Sun Apr 17, 2005 3:56 pm
Hi Everyone,

Is anybody knows upgrading Chicony MP989 CPU from PII MMC2 to PIII MMC2?

or is is possible? I have the bios of MP999 which is very similar to MP989. There, with modbin I saw same bios string with PIII support. I have also have information from intel:

MMC-2 Package
The Mobile Module Cartridge 2 (MMC-2) package has a mobile Pentium® III processor and the host bridge system controller (consisting of the processor bus controller, memory controller and PCI bus controller) on a small circuit. It connects to the system via a 400-pin connector. On the MMC-2 package, the thermal transfer plate (TTP) provides heat dissipation from the processor and host bridge system controller

So, it does not need fsb arragement am I right?

Or should I upgrade to a Celeron 433 or PIII650?

Please help me?