MSI 6151 and BIOS Versions (2A69KM4FC-00)

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First of all I would like to thank you all for this helpful site!

In my quest for an updated BIOS for the above mentioned board I came across your patched BIOS Version 1.0B12d. I installed it and my 40GB harddrive was perfectly recognised. At the same time, I received an email from VOBIS technical support with a new BIOS (version 1.1B4) which I also tested in my computer. This newer code (06/28/2000) recognises my 40GB drive as well (not sure about drives over 64GB) and has, supposedly, support for coppermine processors (I don't know for sure, VOBIS was also real vague at answering this). Since this BIOS is nowhere to be downloaded from the net , I thought you might be interested in placing it in your site so that maybe someone can test it for >64GB. Do you have the necessary tools to check whether this BIOS really supports Coppermine CPU's? You would very much help me if you could check this.

Please email me if you want the BIOS.


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