Packard Bell MV35 - dual core CPU upgrade!(need help)

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Hi everybody,
I am new to the forum and really hope to solve my problem here.
I own a old laptop and I've just changed it's processor from an Celeron M410@1.46 Ghz to a Intel Pentium Dual Core T2060@1.6 Ghz. My problem is that the CPU is not properly recognized, it is assigned as a Celeron by the Bios and runs at 800 Mhz (6x 133bus). In windows it is seen as 2 processors by device manager but it has only one working in task manager, and yes I have checked the view graph by CPU but to no avail. I would really like some help on making the Bios recognize my new processor.
Manufacturer: Packard Bell
Model: EasyNote MV 35
Bios: Insyde Software Corp. V1.07 , it can be found here--> ... ries/Bios/.
Potential Donor: from MV46 here--> ... ries/Bios/ or from MZ35 here--> ... ries/Bios/.

I have tried playing with uniextract to see the files in the bios(as it is an *.exe file) but I'm no expert so that I can swap the CPU code and make it work.
It is very important for my research to have both cores working, and I will be grateful if somebody can help me.

PS: I've managed to change the mulltiplier in windows from 6x to 12x so the processor runs @ 1.6 Ghz stable but only in Win 7 (in Win Xp Sp3 it does not boot).
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you can start by disassembling the cpu init routines. if you can extract modules try the main module or anything that contains the CPU names in clear-text. look for CPUID and continue from there. i recommend to download the "Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manual". believe me when i say that you'll need all parts! and you should grab a list of cpuids of recent Intel mobile processors.
don't start looking for microcodes. they are useless for cpu detection (really!).
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