Pentium II-333 and AMI 1.00.01.DT0T

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I have a Gateway G6-233 and it appears to use an Intel PD440FX motherboard with AMI BIOS string 1.00.01.DT0T

It seems that this board might be a Gateway customized version of the generic Intel PD440FX motherboard, since Intel's AMI BIOS string ends in "DT0", not "DT0T".

I'd like to upgrade this computer to a 333 MHz Pentium II. Intel's web site says that you need to upgrade the BIOS to 1.00.09.DT0

I downloaded Intel's BIOS upgrade file but sadly, the flash fails. The flash BIOS uitlity (Intel iflash Beta 2.8) says that the BIOS update is in progress. When it reaches 50%, I get an error "L05: Unable to prepare for flash erasure." When I press <Enter>, I get a followup message "H02: Initialization for flash programming failed." Finally, after pressing <Enter> again, I get "Error: Flash update not successful."

So, #1 do I really need the BIOS upgrade to run a 333 MHz Pentium II, and #2 if so, any ideas as to how to upgrade the BIOS to 1.00.09.DT0?

Thank you.
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Have a look into the FAQ how to flash an Intel Bios in an Intel OEM Board !
As these Intel Boards are very specific what type of CPU is supported or not it seems you have to update .
You may try without but I think the Board will not boot or you get error messages .
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Well, since I already ordered a Pentium II 333 MHz, I decided to install it with the old AMI 1.00.01.DT0T BIOS to see what would happen.

It seems that the 333 MHz P-II CPU works reliably - except that the L2 cache is disabled.

The P-II has the following identifying numbers:

80523PX333512 SL2S5
Y8370306-0444 IRELAND

Various CPU utilities like WCPUID and SANDRA all say that the CPU is running at 333 MHz (5X multiplier, 66 MHz FSB).

I tried changing the Gateway motherboard's jumpers from the 333 MHz CPU frequency to 300 MHz, but the various bootup messages and the CPU utilities still say that I'm running at 333 MHz.

Suggestions on how to re-enable the L2 cache or to get the CPU to run at 300 MHz (where the BIOS will presumably think everything is normal and thus not disable the L2)?

Thank you.
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The BIOS does not enable the L2 cache because it does not know the CPU.
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You might like to look at how someone else added CPU support for anothePentium CPU to his BIOS at ... port1.html.
Note this link is not working at the moment, but a Google search for "Martin's BIOS Modding Guide" will bring up a cached version.
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You can do a recovery flash with the Intel bios. At your own risk ofcourse. If it doesn't stick have a disk with the original Gateway bios handy...

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