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#23964 by grandmougin
Wed Feb 25, 2004 9:37 pm

I decided , 2 weeks ago, to upgrade my PC with Bios provided by eSupport to have bigger disks recognized and to install XP very soon.
All was OK after flashing, my disk (40Gb) is now recognized without EZ-BIOS.
My motherboard is Abit LX6 + Abit Slotket III and processor is Pentium III Celeron 600Mhz.
After flashing Bios and reboot, Cpu model was OK (Bios display was 612 (68x9).

But since following day of flashing, at each boot, I have the following problem :
- 1) My processor is now recognized with the message "Celeron 540 (60x 9)"- 2) Impossible to change CPU model in the Bios because the first item "!! CPU SOFT MENU!!" is no more present in BIOS menu. It was present before with last version of Bios from Abit.

ESupport Bios reference is : 2A69JA1A.
Thanks in advance for your help.