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#55313 by Hyla
Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:35 pm

I'm from Germany and new here and I hope someone can help me!

At the moment I build a exotic retro computer. I own some rare riser cards (TYAN M2020; Socket 8 to Slot 1 adapter) and rare Pentium II Overdrive CPUs. I want to put the processors on a dual slot1 motherboard Tyan Tiger 2 (S-1692DL), but the AMI BIOS doesn't recognized the CPUs. So they don't work correctly and the the L1 and L2 Cache is disabled.

Image Image Image

I tried to update the microcodes into the BIOS with Intels Checkup.exe, but it doesn't work with this AMI BIOS. I did another try with the German microcode programm CTMC. Same think, doesn't work.

Image Image [Image

I dont have much experience with patching the BIOS. So can someone help me here in this forum and could put the the microcode for the Pentium II Overdrive into the original BIOS image which you can find here:

hopefully waiting for an answer

and sorry for my bad English, I'm German ;)