Don't ask how to over-clock.
#16131 by andrea
Fri May 02, 2003 4:57 pm
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#16131 by andrea
Fri May 02, 2003 4:57 pm
Hi, I'm Italian so i'm sorry for my bad English.
I've an ABIT LX6 mb, which was PII 266Mhz slot 1 equipped until last week.
Now I'v try to upgrade the system to a "new" PIII cpu (PIII 450/100/512/2.0 on slot 1).Before proceding, I thought a bit about multiplier factor and system bus frequency.
In the past it run at 66mhz x 4 to drive the PII 266: now it should run, if mathemathic isn't a opinion, at 100mhz x 4.5 to drive the PIII 450,doesnt'it?
So i flashed the bios with last BIN from ABIT to ensure more compatibility with new hardware and tryed to upgrade the system.
Surprising me, now it shows me a PII 400Mhz instead of PIII 450 (and this is only a CPU name problem, i think, and it isn't a drama) but it runs at 90,3...x 4!!!!! I tryed other configuration (no more jumpers in my life, fortunately!), but the CPU was not recognized correctly and the BIOS did reset it to PII 233 which is the lower type. Now it runs 90,3..x 4 driving my PIII 450 at 400Mhz. How can i get full power from it? And 100Mhz FSB instead 90,3 (75, 83 etc. are quite normal in the world, but 90,3? I've never heard about this!)?
Anyone can help me?
Thanks a lot