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#35544 by nathonix
Fri Dec 16, 2005 3:42 am
my last bios got fried on an asus a7n8x, and so i sent it in to be reflashed, but they sent it back empty... so i got an old socket 7 junker from a friend, with 4 evo slots, and 2 sd slots, which i will assume wont read doublesided ram, because its only recognizing a fourth of what i have. it came with a "pentium s with coprocessor" as identifyed by the bios, running at 133mhz, which i have since replaced with a cyrix mii@233 mhz, and i tryed using an amd k6-2, however it apparently booted but showed nothing on the screen, and caused things to heat up insanely. upon further inspection i have identified the board as a matsonic of some sort, with the current bios # of i430vx-02271997c-00 and i was wondering if there happens to be a newer, or patched bios to fix this problem.