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#38560 by 500r420
Wed May 03, 2006 4:20 am
I purchased a motherboard to fix an old computer. I tried to install a pentium 3 coppermine 600 but no response
(hard drive spins, no beep, fans power)
it did work with one of 4 p3 katmai 500s but required a bios update in order to pass the bios setup
I created a bootable disk with an ibm program which autmoatically executed in the bios setup because of an ibm software (update to v31a)
the flash program loaded but gave me a error "Not enough memory"
there is 256mb pc100 (i think) installed, 20gb hd, radeon 7500 agp
there are two switchboard labeled sw1 and sw2, the first with 4 and the second with 8 switches, all set to off
it is a slot 1 motherboard (possibly micro atx) FRU 61H22470
can anyone help get the coppermine to work with the motherboard?
or at least the bios update to work?
I am relatively new to working with computers so I may not be familiar with some terms you might use in your response.