Processor Upgrade Unsuccessful !

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If someone could please help me i would really appreciate it. I have a PC Chips M726-V3.3 MB. I recently upgraded my P11 350 MHz for a PIII 600 MHz. It booted up fine once or twice but now it freezes up on startup. I dont know if i need to upgrade my bios or change voltages or what. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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P3-600 on a slotket, or one of those rare slot1 versions? The latter were considered to be (and the slot1 P3-550) mobo-killers. They drew way too much power from some motherboards.
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Can M726 provide less than 1.8V? I tried with Celeron 600 (1.7V). When I saw 2.8V in the BIOS, immediately turned off the power. When set to 1.8V on the slot-to-socket adapter, it works correctly.
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I have a similar problem trying to install a PIII 600/512/100 2.0v
my mother board will not fire up just stays at the black screen.

If I replace with my 450/512/100 2.0v then all is ok. If I manage to sort it I will let you know.

Regards, Alan
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The 2.0V PIII-600 is an incredible power sucker... perhaps way over the mobo regulators' limts.
To check if the cpu is ok, try underclocking it to see if your system fires up or not.

Comparison: PIII-450 vs. 600

Nominal/Typical Power: 17W vs. 23W
Maximum Power Draw: 25.3W vs. 34.5W

(info taken from
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hi does anyone know what is the maximum processor speed that this board can handle? i read in the manuals that it can handle PII procs, but does anyone had success with P3 500 mhz? thanks
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ALi M1631 chipset can handle 100MHz anything that run with 100MHz FSB max. can be used. i ran a 1.2GHz Tualatin on a M729 (the full size AT version of the M726) once. You might need a modified slot1-adapter for that (there are plenty hints on the web).
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