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#30411 by Treppiede
Sun Mar 20, 2005 7:31 am
Dear WimsBIOS Community,
me and a couple of fellow 1605CDS/1625CDT owners may really use your help here.

I own a Toshiba Satellite 1605CDS which is equipped with an ALi Chipset and Super Socket 7 platform (Phoenix BIOS). This unit came with a K6-2 450MHz, but there's a row of dip-switches on the mobo that allows a generous range of CPU settings to be made. I purchased and installed a K6-2+ 533MHz ACZ. BIOS sees it as a generic K5 and my FreeBSD install sees it as a regular K6-III.

It appears to work correctly, however I have been looking for a BIOS update that enables proper support of the AMD K6-2/III+ CPUs, because I am sure that a new BIOS would optimize its usage and take better advantage of its architecture.

I think I have looked pretty much everywhere for a custom BIOS, with no luck. There is a thread I started over at HardForum where me and a couple more enthusiasts are trying really hard to squeeze as much power as possible from our Laptops, and the BIOS situation seems to be the hardest obstacle. One of us even forced the BIOS flash with a ROM written for the European 1620CDS/1640CDT models which came equipped with native K6-2+ support, and although proper recognition in the BIOS was obtained, other issues arised and he had to reverse to the old BIOS.

Here are some useful links if you guys would like to help us:
Toshiba Europe Support Page
1620CDS/1640CDT BIOS Update (models equipped with K6-2+ CPU)
1605CDS/1625CDT BIOS Update (this is our BIOS, no support for K6-2/III+)
Forum thread where we discuss the situation in detail (scroll to the bottom)

We would immensely appreciate if one of you guys could give us a hand with packaging a custom BIOS that will recognize and put our K6-2/III+ to good use.
If other small options like USB Boot and the like are feasable, it would be an awesome addition.

Thank you in advance for any help!