Rainbow-patched Abit LX-6C i440LX chipset (2A69JA1AC-7T)

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I flashed my BIOS for this board with Rainbow's patch (from the tested patches link).

I now want to change my slot 1 Celeron-300MHz to a Celeron 566 on a slotket (which a friend gave me gratis).

From cold-boot, the BIOS sees a Celeron-556MHz (yes, 556), but then refers me to CPU setup in the BIOS.

No amount of fiddling (with supposed correct settings of 66MHz FSB and 8.5x multiplier) gives any success; the machine locks at Verifying DMI pool; disabling 'hold on error' results in Win XP firing-up, then resetting the machine.

Anyone any ideas?


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I think you may be limited to 8X CPU multiplier...time to hit Google Groups and do some digging. Look into Apple Rom's patch as well; it may help.

Also, let's try to limit the number of thread to one per board, ok?
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