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#28035 by stopvirus
Fri Oct 22, 2004 3:23 pm
I have an ECS P6BAT-A+ board that is designed for a Slot-1 PII/PIII or a Socket 370 PPGA Celeron.

Performance is a bit limited (my daughter has bought Sims 2!) and I was thinking of getting a second-hand 800MHz Socket 370 PIII with 100Mhz FSB (the board doesn't support 133MHz FSB, unfortunately).

The board's manual explicitly says that it supports "FC-PGA P-III processors", "except for 133MHz FC-PGA in the 370 socket". Is an 800/100 P-III a "FC-PGA" chip ? Ought this setup (probably) to work ?

Thanks for any input
Nick in France