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#17957 by TheInquirer
Sat Jul 12, 2003 8:16 pm

I have a SOYO 5-EA, a SOCKET 7 board (not super, just socket7), P200 max. Soyo 5EA uses the ETEQ EQ82C661X.

I want to fit an EVERGREEN SPECTRA upgrade module (a voltage converter board that comes with an AMD K6-2 400 Mhz and clock multiplier, allowing to insert an AMD K6-2 cpu into socket 7 (non-supersocket7) boards).

The guys at evergreen tell me that due to the "ETEQ" chipset used, they can't offer me a mrbios upgrade, and that my board's bios must be patched to detect the AMD K6-2 cpu.

Could this be done by getting the original Soyo 5-EA bios and patching it with AMD codes? How? Any bios wizards our there?