Soyo 5EA (socket7) and AMD K6-2 400 (Evergreen Spectra)

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I have a SOYO 5-EA, a SOCKET 7 board (not super, just socket7), P200 max. Soyo 5EA uses the ETEQ EQ82C661X.

I want to fit an EVERGREEN SPECTRA upgrade module (a voltage converter board that comes with an AMD K6-2 400 Mhz and clock multiplier, allowing to insert an AMD K6-2 cpu into socket 7 (non-supersocket7) boards).

The guys at evergreen tell me that due to the "ETEQ" chipset used, they can't offer me a mrbios upgrade, and that my board's bios must be patched to detect the AMD K6-2 cpu.

Could this be done by getting the original Soyo 5-EA bios and patching it with AMD codes? How? Any bios wizards our there?

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There is no ETEQ chipset. It's just a VIA chipset relabelled by SOYO.
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Hi Willy,

I don't think you need an mrbios update to run the Spectra K6-2/400. The latest SY-5EA BIOS should do just fine.
Check if you run the EA-D5 BIOS now with BIOS-ID 10/23/97-EQ82C6618A-ETEQ-2A5LDS29C-00. If you have an older version, you can download 5ea-d5.bin from

I've checked this BIOS and it has support for the K6-2 and K6-III, although it indicates these CPUs as AMD-K6(tm), but this is just cosmetic. CPU speeds upto 400MHz are supported as well. Only Write-Allocation for the K6-2CXT and K6-III is not supported, so you will have to use a utility like SetK6v3 for optimum performance.

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Apple Rom's patching utility should be capable of adding this CPU support if the latest from Soyo doesn't have
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can someoneplease send methat patcher cuz the site link is dead.
(email thx)
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I think he means the link to BIOS Patcher ver. 4.00.rc.7.1

That link is indeed dead... :(
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