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#26776 by Uranium235
Thu Jul 29, 2004 7:45 am
Greetings. I have an old socket 7 motherboard manufactured by BCM/GVC known as the IN5598 or FR500. This motherboard originally came from a NEC Ready 9851 system. It is also known as the Packard Bell PB850 motherboard from the Packard Bell Club40 systems. I believe this board may have found it's way into some Compaq systems also.
I've been using K6-2 380 at 5.5x75 with some success but I can tell you there is no BIOS support for the CXT core Write Allocation. I have been using Rawpower to enable the CXT features in Windows.
I'd like to upgrade to a K6-2+ 450 I recently picked up. I checked Jan Steunebrink's excellent website for a compatible BIOS but found none. I did a Google search and the best I could come up with was a patched FR500 BIOS at for the 32GB HD limitation. I took a peak at the patched BIOS with MODBIN and noticed there are many BIOS settings that are hidden. The RAM timings could be very useful if unhidden as well as some other settings.
This may be a tall order but would it be possible to see a patch with K6-2+, K6-3+ support, CXT core support, the 32GB HD limitation patch, and BIOS settings unhidden.
Here are some useful links I've found:

Manufacturer link:

Packard Bell link:

Newest BIOS version available with some bug fixes:

Patched BIOS for 32 GB HD limitation: (FR500)

I'd truly appreciate any help that can be provided.

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