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#58029 by dw5304
Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:49 pm
ok to make a long story short i have a new Intel dx79si that it works with the new lga2011 cheap 3840 i7 cpu ~$300 vs a $600 cpu...
we are Intel gold partners and Intel told us there is nothing they can do. They told us to buy the expensive proc and update the bios so you can use the cheaper one.

I was able to dump the bios on the board the chip is a MX25L6405D 64M-BIT [x 1 / x 2] CMOS SERIAL FLASH

I then tried to update the bios on the chip using latest Intel bios for the board, but it would not boot. I do have backups :).

has anyone ever been able to upgrade a efi bios w/o a cpu?

or anyone have more information where to go from here.
thanks in advance

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