Don't ask how to over-clock.
#3169 by Twitch1080
Sun Jun 02, 2002 12:30 am
I just bought an AMD 1800+ XP processor chip and I want to install it within the next couple of day's. My question is, I am using an ECS K7VZA motherboard. It say's it can run up to 1.5 ghz, The chip I bought runs at 1.53ghz.. I was told this should be fine, but do I need to upgrade my bios for my computer to recognize it?

My System Specs.
Award Bios Id: 07/13/2001-8363A-686B-6A6LMD4FC-00
Current Chip: Amd Thunderbird 1.0ghz Socet A
Windows XP
576 megabytes of SDRAM

I apologize for my ignorance I am a bit of a newbie.