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#38864 by tonyhouse
Wed May 17, 2006 1:56 am
hi.I read some topics about cpu recognition....
I'm interested to replace my notebook's cpu a64 DTR core clawhammer (81,5W) with a mobile one (a64 4000+ core newark 62W).

some people, that have a mb that support sempron models (62W) installed succesfully mobile a64s chips (62W) without upgrading BIOS...
sempron and a64 mobile chips have a different core, revision and architecture...why are they recongized with an unique BIOS?

last thing:
a person installed succesfully an a64 mobile chip 3000+ (62W) on my laptop (I don't know if core clawhammer or newark) but the cpu was always at maximum speed and overvolted voltage (1,5v instead 1,35v).
WHERE are these things written into the bios????
I have the latest bios for my notebook, and in the log there are NO mentioned upgrades of cpu support.
however, I have a phoenix bios, I obtained the phoenix bios editor pro but I didn't find anything related to the cpu support...
I downloaded also the bios installed on another notebook (ferrari 3200, that mount a64mobile cpus and has the same chipset and vga)
Can I make a comparision between these two bios to know how to implement the recognition of mobile a64s on my notebook?

thanks....I hope to get a solution with your help.
PS: table of notebook a64 cpus are here: