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#53702 by greenknight
Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:41 pm
I have an old computer built from an iSystems bare-bones kit in 2000. The sticker on the motherboard says it's a Procomp BVK1M V.1.0; apparently it was made by Biostar - the ID number matches the Biostar M7VKA except for the date, which is 10/07/2000 instead of 10/06/2000 like the M7VKA. Here's the info I get from Everest:

Device Description
North Bridge: VIA VT8363(A) Apollo KT133(A)

Motherboard ID 10/07/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMB09C-00

Motherboard Name Biostar M7VKA/M7VKB/M7VKD / Procomp BVK2A

Award BIOS Type Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG

Award BIOS Message K1M1006

Ran BiosAgent Plus for confirmation, it gave the same ID number.

Currently, it's running an AMD Duron 700 Mhz CPU. I've got a Duron 1200 Mhz I want to put in instead. From the research I've done, I think this will work, and without a BIOS update - is this correct? (This is the main thing I want to know).

The only BIOS update Biostar has for the M7VKA doesn't appear to contain anything that applies.

Also, I'm wondering about this chipset. Everest says it's a KT133A, instead of the KT133 that is normally in the M7VKA; CPU-Z and Fresh Diagnose say the same. Could that be right? Could it run faster CPUs that require a 266 Mhz FSB? Are there other BIOS updates it would accept?