Acer M17A (Altos930) Server board questions...

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I own an Acer M17A Dual P-II (currently 2x333) board :twisted:.
The "latest" BIOS for it is quite old.
ver. A1A9 03/04/1998
( ... a_r1a9.bin)
I had the :idea: of adding a couple of things into the bios (acpi if works, remove ATI Rage video card bios from board bios) and maybe replacing the Logo, etc..., but unfortunately I had to realize that neither Award nor Ami bios tools are usable.
I would be very thankful for any information on how to mod an ACER BIOS (technical information, or anything).

:?: Also I couldn't figure out why win2k, XP, Server 2k3 crashes every time when it tries to load the nv4.dll (Nvidia display driver) for my Gef2 MX400 and Gef1 also. This is not true for win98,98se. I think it is the AGP, but it should work with both cpus...
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