BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered (1st Edition) [Unedited]

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Master Flasher
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Hi guys,

I have released the BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered (1st Edition) [Unedited] PDF in 4shared: ... _Unco.html. You can download it for free. Well, the (copy) rights have expired and I guess lot's of people look forward to it. I don't have enough bandwidth to host it. If somebody wants to host it, please do so but please notify me via email.

Anyway, mind you that this is the unedited version, not the shipping version. You might find it a little rough here and there, but the manuscript is complete. If you remember, the English version of the book is 450 pages, but the Russian version is more than 600 pages. I haven't had time to check what was missing in the English edition compared to the Russian edition.

Happy reading :-)
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Ok, I got myself a copy, I will track how many reads your posting gets to see if my hosting package can handle the extra bandwidth. If I think it does, I'll put the download link in here.

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