BIOS disassembly

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Flashing the wrong thing can kill your machine.

Sounds to me that if you flashed from those GETBIOS files, you killed it.

If you still can boot with the floppy, try and find a BIOS file for your board and re-flash it. Otherwise you'll have to hot flash it in another compatible board (see FAQ on that).

You did post your BIOS string, so maybe someone will have a copy they can send you.

Good Luck!!
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Hoi BiosMan!

An old thread, but still actual.
BiosMan wrote: To get the patched BIOS image back in the compressed BIN file, you have run MODBIN from the DOS-prompt within Windows.
Load the updated BIN again in MODBIN.
Now open a second DOS window and copy the patched BIOS into Original.tmp file.
Can you just tell me which version of Windows you used?

Maybe you also can take a look at that?

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