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#55981 by SecureMobility
Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:54 pm
Is it possible to add a small 9MB Operating System (OS) to some chip on the motherboard.
We cannot use an internal/external hard drive, USB flash, CD Rom or other removable device for our final solution.
Our need is to boot from the 9MB Unix OS file located on the motherboard.
After the BIOS is done performing system level checks, it should then boot the Unix OS from the motherboard location.
The Unix OS will load appropriate drivers for secure communications back to the HQ host site.
The HQ host TFTP server will download the real OS via a VPN established upon initial bootup.
We already have the 9MB file performing all needed services to include drivers and VPN connectivity and is currently booting from USB drive - and as specified above, does not support our final solution.

Our need for this service is in the 15,000 users range.
Please let us know ASAP.

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