Combining a .ROM into System Bios & not enough space.

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:?: Ok, I got a HighPoint Rocket 133s (ATA133 Accelerator card) for my HDD, being as my mobo support is only up to /66, (with that exception I'm very happy with my SOYO 6VCA...but it seems, that to configure it as bootable I need to combine a small BIOS.ROM file into the SYSTEM.BIN. Now thats not so much the problem, I can make that happen ...or almost happen...seems to not have enough room to accomodate the .ROM of the 133s card. I've guessed at what may be expendable to make room for the .ROM, ......BUT that just got my EEPROM a trip to California. So :? I'm gonna try again. If someone can just tell me what can & how to remove just enough to make room, I wont feel the need to fly this thing like a frisbee around the house! I really like the bios, its quite extensive so I dont want to lose anything good (maybe some loose cpu micro-code???? It will always run this PIIIE 600 Slot1 Clocked to 800 & showing as a 800EB :?: 8O . I'm including below the results i get when I attempt to combine the BIOS & also the BIOS component list & micro-code info.

CBROM V2.15 (C)Award Software 2001 All Rights Reserved.
Adding BIOSV12.ROM ... 51.6%
6VCA2AA5.BIN have not enough space for adding ROM. (Over 170Dh bytes)

CBROM V2.15 (C)Award Software 2001 All Rights Reserved.

******** 6VCA2AA5.BIN BIOS component ****** No. Item-Name Original-Size Compressed-Size Original File Name ===============================================
0. System BIOS 20000h(128.00K) 13F83h(79.88K) 6VCA2AA5.BIN
1. XGROUP CODE 09850h(38.08K) 0671Ah(25.78K) awardext.rom
2. CPU micro code 09800h(38.00K) 05532h(21.30K) CPUCODE.BIN
3. ACPI table 02450h(9.08K) 00E35h(3.55K) ACPITBL.BIN
4. EPA LOGO 00642h(1.56K) 002A0h(0.66K) AWARDEPA.BIN
5. YGROUP ROM 027A0h(9.91K) 01B83h(6.88K) awardeyt.rom
6. VRS ROM 02280h(8.62K) 014BBh(5.18K) anti_vir.bin
7. NNOPROM 00FECh(3.98K) 00A5Fh(2.59K) nnoprom.bin
8. ROS ROM 15A60h(86.59K) 0F620h(61.53K) ros.bin

Total compress code space = 36000h(216.00K)
Total compressed code size = 33D61h(207.34K)
Remain compress code space = 0229Fh(8.66K)

** Micro Code Information **
Update ID CPUID| Update ID CPUIDl Update ID CPUID| Update ID CPUID
SLOT1 13 0630| PPGA 11 0681| PPGA 10 0683| PPGA 08 0686
PPGA 03 0665 | SLOT1 20 0632| SLOT1 34 0633| SLOT1 35 0634
SLOT1 40 0650 | SLOT1 40 0651| SLOT1 2A 0652| SLOT1 10 0653
SLOT1 0A 0660 | SLOT1 06 0670| SLOT1 03 0671 | SLOT1 10 0672
SLOT1 0E 0673 | SLOT1 14 0680| SLOT1 0D 0681| SLOT1 0C 0683

I havent been toying with PC's for too long & pick up on things quickly,but i'd like to just be done with this one! THANX
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      1) P3-800EB means you overclocked a P3-600E with 133MHz FSB and Bios thinks it's an Orgiinal P3-800 FSB 133(-B marking) .
      2) Your IDE-Card should have it's own Bios and should start connected IDE-drives automatically .
      You may have to select Boot from SCSi in your Main Bios .
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      Not this card, it doesn't have it own bios chip, so it will transfer data between a drive but i cant set it up to boot so i can put my hdd on it till i can get to it & it has a bios.rom that has to be combined into my system bios. my problem is there is not enough room in my system bios for the bios.rom
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      i think i bought the only card made like this, it is only single channel
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      Do you use the anti virus module ?
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      Looks like you should have bought the 133SB. But take my advice; return the card, and get a Promise controller card.

      Here's a benchmark of my Maxtor HDD with a Maxtor (rebadged Promise) ATA-133 card:

      Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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      by removing the virus & epa codes i had enough room, all is working fine now..........thanks :D
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