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#35464 by franka2
Mon Dec 12, 2005 4:25 am
Elitegroup have their top hat flash socket to put over soldered on BIOS chip (probably using chip select to disable original chip with bad BIOS).

then other vendors use two redundant chips on mainboard.

what is better / safer ? is it poss to screw up dual bios ? top hat is pretty foolproof I guess !

I kinda favour top hat flash, since whatever is on the board can be screwed softwarily.

another question: many BIOS images have lots of zeroed areas. yet the amitools report only 2 k free in bios. are some of the modules wasting space?

are the 512KB images 1:1 copies of EPROM? if so, there should be quite some space maybe even to squeeze in Menuet64OS, an assembler OS.