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#60712 by nicolae788
Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:06 am

I am interested how and where should i address the *.rom file of the bios in order to permanently activate the GPIO pin in the chipset that activates the flash ok for the chip. For the moment the TBL pin on the flash chip it's blocked so the Top boot block it's protected. It seems to be like finding a needle in the hay stack, trying to find were in the rom file this protection it's living. Can someone let me know were i have to look for this protection.

The board which i am trying to use for a hot flash it's an Asus P5W-DH and has a Intel ich7R chipset and the chip it's an SST49LF008A. The chip it's recognized, but the TBL pin it's pulled low so it means it's write protected. If i enter ezflash inside the BIOS setup the pin it's pulled high and write it's enabled. But ezflash does not work with hot flash procedure.

I am using flashrom inside Linux CLI enviroment. I already tested the software on other boards but those were write enabled for the flash chip and they do not recognize my flash chip SST49LF008A :(

Thank you !