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#57079 by megabug
Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:52 pm

I just got an D2703-A1 mainboard (mini ITX), which is a striped down version of the D2703-S1 board. I need the bios of the -S1 board on mine to use SATA and stuff, but can't get it flashed.

Here is the content of the biod update directory (-S1 board):
Code: Select all01.12.2010  15:04             4.478 A2703_S1.OMF
01.12.2010  15:14            14.416 AMDCPUP.ALL
01.12.2010  15:14             1.491 AMDCPUP.TXT
01.12.2010  15:14               199 AUTOEXEC.BAT
23.06.2009  21:04           117.378 BIOFLASH.EXE
01.12.2010  15:04             1.383 C2703_S1.OMF
10.12.2003  04:49            93.963 COMMAND.COM
01.12.2010  15:14                 3 config.sys
01.12.2010  15:04           513.802 D2703_S1.OCF
25.02.2005  18:20            45.378 KERNEL.SYS
01.12.2010  15:04               125 M2703_S1.OMF

And this is the -A1 board:
Code: Select all05.10.2009  10:53             4.324 A2703_A1.OMF
05.10.2009  11:08            14.416 AMDCPUP.ALL
05.10.2009  11:08             1.415 AMDCPUP.TXT
05.10.2009  11:08               199 AUTOEXEC.BAT
23.06.2009  21:04           117.378 BIOFLASH.EXE
05.10.2009  10:53             1.383 C2703_A1.OMF
10.12.2003  04:49            93.963 COMMAND.COM
05.10.2009  11:08                 3 config.sys
05.10.2009  10:53           460.553 D2703_A1.OCF
25.02.2005  18:20            45.378 KERNEL.SYS
05.10.2009  10:53               125 M2703_A1.OMF

the bioflash update tool has the following options:
Code: Select allCopyright (c) 2009 Fujitsu Technology Solutions

BIOFLASH filename.OMF | filename.OCF | filename.ENC

  filename.OMF   BIOS image, BIOS module or CMOS update file
  filename.OCF   Packed BIOS image update file

  /ARCHIVE       Create archive files of BIOS and CMOS
  /AUTO          Search for a suitable BIOS OMF-file in current directory
  /CAUTO         Search for a suitable CMOS OMF-file in current directory
  /CMOS          Create a cmos archive file: Cxxxx_xx.OMF
  /INFO          Display system and BIOS information
  /NORESET       No reset after flash device is programmed
  /U             Update only if installed BIOS is out-of-date
  /Y             Answer 'YES' in advance to any prompt
  /KEY()         Use a specific key for encrypted files
  /NOP6          No implicit auto-update for CPU microcode patch area
  /P6            Explicit auto-update for CPU microcode patch area
  /P6()          Insert any microcode, independent of the installed CPU
  /X16MB(n)      Force bioflash.exe to move its buffers in memory n*16MB
                 Avoid collisions with RAMDRIVE, LAN remote boot, etc.
  /MODULE(X,YY)  Module update  X=PtlClass(ascii) YY=AbgClass(hex)
  /NOAPI         Use the Bioflash plug-in file instead of BIOS API

The .OCF files are the main BIOS update files which contain everything.

Specifying the files from the -S1 board on my -A1 board just gives me an error saying wrong hardware.

Changing the -S1 files (D2703_S1.OCF) in the header (on 0x00030) to say its for the A1 results in checksum error, since I don't know where the crc byte sits.

Could someone please help me with this mess? ;)

I uploaded both bioses on my webserver, you can get them here: LINK

Thanks in advance.