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#53710 by sintax
Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:07 pm
I was messing around with Phoenix Bios Editor, although i'm not sure how to use it, I saw this string in there..

"Intel Virtualization Technology"
"'When enabled, a VMM can', 0Dh, 'utilize the additional', 0Dh, 'hardware virtualization', 0Dh, 'capabilities provided', 0Dh, 'by this technology.', 0Dh"

I know 100% for sure my CPU supports VT and i'm curious if anyone would be kind enough to either help me out with modifying the bios update file or if I could post it on here if someone could do it much quicker than myself? I don't see much talk of gateway laptop mods but this gateway is a beast and i absolutely love its power ;D

Gateway P-171S FX (Phoenix Bios)

I got a few module loading errors in phoenix bios editor, not sure what it means.

i'd post a link to where i'm hosting my bios but apparently I can't yet lol.. i can PM if someone is interested in helping.