To get DMI information from the BIOS rom!

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hi, everyone.

I still can't get the motherboard model number by programming. I think it is stored in BIOS. But how can I get the model number. I have got the dmi entry point, but can't find the model number. Who can tell me if the model number of the motherboard and system is stored in DMI in BIOS.
And if in every bios, there is always a DMI structure? I am going to write an asm code to get the model number. Can I get the information?


Any help will be appreciated!
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Hi Yunhaohu,

Once you know where the DMI structure "_DMI_" is stored, it's pretty easy to find the things out.

1. Get the "SMBIOS Structure Table Address" from the _DMI_ structure (offset 8) which is a 32-bit flat
2. Go to that address and browse the set of DMI structures for the Type-2 data which will give you the base board info.
You can refer to the SMBIOS Specification on how to browse the data structures and their types.
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