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#60808 by nicolae788
Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:58 pm

I have an old motherboard that i am resurrecting. Make/Model : Gigabyte/GA-K8NS

At first it was hanging at post code CF which meant that the write test had not passed. As i know this is the part were it identifies the CPU based on the BB table and then it writes it into the CMOS. Anyway this it's fixed now and i am able to boot into BIIOS setup and partly into an OS.

What's left, it's an error message on the POST card that says " Initializing slot 5 " ...what are these slots?? and why would the bios hang on this message, but pass on to the boot sequence ??

I presume these are the PCI/ISA/AGP/PCIex slots that need initialization ! ???

Some light on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!