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#51221 by jarlen
Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:08 pm
I have a Asus P5B-VM with AMI bios.

I'm trying to mod my bios with MMTOOL to integrate a bios for my SATA-PCI-CARD which is biosless (its a VIA VT6421A).

Can i remove the "0E OEM Logo" to make room for my additional "20 PCI Option ROM" module?

The biosfile is 1024kb and it seems that the logo uses 90kb?! The PCI-ROM modules is about 60kb.

If i remove the logo, i can fit in the PCI-ROM. But will this work to boot?
Or should i replace fullscreen logo with some smaller img (thinking an all black 640x480 jpg/bmp/pcx).

Please help me gurus, i dont wanna flash this and have it not booting up because the logo is missing.