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#58538 by jvas
Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:36 pm
#58538 by jvas
Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:36 pm
Sorry, if I'm in a wrong forum, I'm new here.
I have an Atari PC4. It is a 80286 computer equipped with an AMI NEAT BIOS. (the BIOS ID starts with "DNET").
My problem is that some of the BIOS parameters (e.g. installed memory type) cannot be set via the BIOS's setup, but only with an external utility called "NEAT.EXE". This is what I'm missing. Do you know somebody, who can help me to find out which of the CMOS's memory location need to be altered in order to set these BIOS parameters? I can DUMP the original BIOS, but my technical knowledge ends here...
Thanks in advance!