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how the default settings details be retried from the pnp bios?
i have idea about the pnp bios's api function calls like 60h 61h ... to retrieve and set the boot sequence. it there any pnp bios api function(dos) which retrieves the default settings of the bios. i need the default boot sequce of the pnp bios system
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Hi Anil,

To my knowledge there is no BIOS api to retreive the default Boot Order they adopted, from the ROM image.
If it is for experimentation purpose, you could try saving the BIOS image and flashing it back making sure you are wiping out old values. Then you try the PnP call 60, 61 etc..
Other way is to backup the entire PnP information, then locate and wipe out the Boot Priority data alone, like writing all 0xEEs and see if the BIOS initializes it all over again on reboot.. anyway this is a guess but worth trying it!!!
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