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first my hardware:
asus p2l97 (i440lx) and celeron 766 with slot-adapter

after upgrading to this cpu i could only boot to win98, nt4 and linux. with these os'es everything iworks great.

if i try to boot/install win2k or xp the computer freezes. the same happens when i try to start photoshp6 on win 98.

i remember, someone told me that this has something to do with the sse-instruction set on this cpu. if the os or an application recognises that the cpu support sse it make a bios call to initialise sse but the bios has no instructions to do so.

is that right? how can i modify/patch my bios? (i've tried the latest beta bios 1010.004)
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The latest BIOS (08/02/01-i440LX-<P2L97>) is new enough to work with Windows 2000 without any problems. Check your memory
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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