SMBIOS data inaccessible on Dell Latitude X200

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Hi there

I have written a program called compname.exe that renames computers to match serial numbers found in the SMBIOS (which Dell call the Asset Tag).

My program seems to work on a wide range of systems, including nearly all Dells. If you run my program with the /s switch, it outputs all the model and serial numbers it can find.

However, the Dell Latitude X200 and, as reported by someone using my program, the Gateway E-4200 and Gateway E4000 Profile don't produce anything. I know that all these systems have SMBIOS data in them.

Anyway, is a raw dump of the X200 and is a reference dump for a machine for which compname.exe works perfectly.

My real query is whether anyone knows of any anomilies in the way these machines store their SMBIOS data
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dmiscope can do the some thing.
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