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This is my last hope...

Well, the situation is the following. You'll need patient to read all the stuff.
2 Months ago, my cousin got CIH Vírus (Chernobyl), i don't know the version, all i know is that it has destroyed completely the Bios.

The Bios Model is one 598LMR Board Version 5 from PC Chips.
As he doesn't have the money to buy another MoBo or a new BIOS...
We have to find a solution around this. Then, i remember of an OLD University Minipa EEPROM writer. But here begin the problems.

I used that to burn EPROM for 8051 and 8080 Microprocessors.
Although the Program GUI have the interface to burn Flash and E2PROM.
(The name of the program is Leaper 3)

1st question: When i start the program it asks for the type of E2PROM to burn. What vendor and type should i select? These are the ones that i found most adequate

I chose General Type but, then, choose which one?

1) 285256 Vcc +5.00
2) 29C256 Vcc +5.00
3) 29C257 Vcc +5.00
4) AT29C010 Vcc +5.00
5) AT29C020 Vcc +5.00

I selected the AT29C020 type, but it can't be found on the E2PROM Burner.
Browsing the forum i ran into a post that says that, to burn a BIOS, you have to feed 12Vpp to the chip.

Then comes another parameters to set in the proggie.
Here is where i became nuts. :evil:

1) What programming algorithm to use?
a) Standard? 5ms - 50ms
b) Intelligent? 500us - 1ms
c) Interactive? 500us - 1ms
d) Quick Pulse? 50us - 100us
e) SNAP? 50 us.

2) Programming VPP Voltage?
Range: 5Vpp to 25Vpp. Step of 0.5 more or less.
Choose the Standard? 5 VPP or 12 VPP?

3) Data Buffer Size?
64kb to 256kb

4) The BIOS Dump to load is an file like w2k0602.rom, which format should i choose to load? (check here a snap
a) Binary/ Machine Code
b) Hex
d) Oct

Finally after loading the dump i have to erase the eeprom and rewrite it with the new file...

I tried about 8 times, without sucess.

:?: Any BIOS Guru, Programmer, Assembly Master,Dumper, Hacker can help me please? :?:

I'd really appreciate any directions, like what type of new eeprom to buy, compatibility issues...

:!: The additional files you can get at these links: :!:

The program i told you all about. It won't work anyway without the hardware. Just to know about how it works... (about 140kb)

This is the bios image to rewrite. I rename it to be easier.
About 256Kb. (don't tell me... :wink: )

Thanks in advance, everybody.
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Lincolnh wrote:This is my last hope...
Have you tried "hot flashing" with Uniflash ? or is there no other motherboard you can use which supports 2Mbit Flash ?
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Yeah man, i tried.

But i couldn't obtain results.
It seems that the old 486 ISA MoBo, doesn't accept BIOS Reprogramming...

The other 2 motherboards have different BIOS systems.
They are squared one chips and have something called... um something like safeBIOS or something like that...

So, i have to use a copier or use the external writer...

But thanks!
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The format is Binary/Machine code.
If there are only AT29Cxxx chips - they're made by Atmel - then you need new version of the software...

Check here http://www.leap.com.tw/CHINESE/DOWNLOAD/M_down.htm
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