Unlocking The P4P800-VM Bios

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I have a 2.8 gig P4 on an Asus P4P800-VM motherboard. Everything on it is water cooled - even the power supply. Since the bios on this motherboard is "locked", I'm using CPUCool to clock the ICS 952607 (PLL). It works, but the clock doesn't show up in the bios on the re-boot. I have to use CPU-Z to see it. I have it clocked to 3.3 gig and it runs fine, but the process is not as elegant as doing it through the bios. Would it be possable to unlock this bios? What about flashing the Asus P4P800-VM with a hybred bios made up from the clockable parts of say the bios of an Asus P4P800? How would I go about this?
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