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I have a compaq presario 1690 , i upgraded the cpu to a k6-3+

compaq never released any bios updates for my product, and hence most of the features with k6-3+ are never enabled in the bios.

with win2000 the DMA on the secondary IDE never shows any perfomance improvement. {{{ initially after a fresh install it picks only pio mode, but after changing the registry or using the new ali ide drivers / patch it says UDMA word -2 , but the performance is still the same }}}

many people in compaq forums, have been asking for a bios update, but compaq has not released nor worked on it , since 2000 .

the chipset for this presario is , ALI M1541 and ALI M 1533, the bios chip which uniflash detects is Amtel.

can anyone help, atleast to enable DMA from bios so that it works with win2000.

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Wait till "Hardware Junkie" reads this. He might know what motherboard you really have.
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the bios chip is Atmel 49x002(N)T series (5v/3v/2.7v)
1x128K, 1x96K, 2x8K,1x16k (256K)

with ctbios and wcpuid, it shows the motherboard as
compaq, 0548h, Rev. A

Bios Phoenix bios for compaq version 0F0B

computer ID: FC, Sub Type : 01 , BIOS level : 0 AT-3

the cpu is identified as k5 in the bios, and not as a k6-3+

chipset Aladdin 5/5+ 1541 AGP and 1533
I have the bios image and boot block backed up uniflash, if it helps or can provide more information
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Anything printed on the board?
Patched and tested BIOSes are at http://wims.rainbow-software.org
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What would have helped from the start is if it was mentioned that this is a laptop computer. These boards are propriatary so finding the original manufacturer is slim.

Second, there are BIOS updates for your computer. Compaq calls them ROMPAQ updates.
ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp1500 ... p15238.exe

Download SP15238.

Third. Here is some useful data on your system (DIP Switch Settings)

https://web.archive.org/web/20111206021 ... esario.htm
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yeah , i have already seen these links,

and i have used mike rudkin's website for the dip switch settings.

I looked inside for the board , nothing was printed anywhere,

the thing which i was having trouble with was, in windows 2000, DMA is not enabled on the secondary IDE, no matter what i do inside windows.

It has something to do with bios, the way it presents itself for win2000

so i was wondering if any of the gurus, can take a look at the bios or disassemble it, if anything can be done, the update from the compaq site is only for the battery firmware, it does nothing to the actual bios.

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