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#58578 by expert_vision
Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:06 pm
I'm experiencing some weird stuff in here, and I got some beliefs that it might be because of BIOS ...
So, first I would like to know a bit about BIOS structure.

I've reflashed the BIOS, loaded defaults, then I made a backup copy of the written BIOS,I went in windows and hashed the original image and the backup image, and they differ. So I used the WinHEX to search for differences and he found 905 8bit hex values different between the orig and backup !!!!! 8O That's a good 100 lines ASM code ... or BIOS settings? Also if I compare BIOS image again after a while, new changes are made in the ROM, so it periodicaly changes. Do they also store the clock in the flash or it's just the code updating itself ... ?
If they do store settings and clock in the flash, I'm really disappointed by the engineers. Why would you do that, just so you render the BIOS flash dead sooner than if it were written less often, and make user buy a new mobo because of that?

So does the BIOS save the configurations on the flash(old ROM) along with the BIOS? If that's the case, why do you loose your settings if you remove the battery? Flash is not volatile.

EDIT: Ok, just found out that RTC is the "guy" that takes care of time, not BIOS, sooo .. what are those constant changes in my BIOS ROM?