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#33097 by woelrat
Sat Jul 23, 2005 7:48 pm
I hope some one here has the solution to this problem. Someone gave me a 666mhz computer recently to use for internet, cause i want to keep my other computers of line. The problem is i found out using a program called everest its running at 333Mhz.

CPU Klok 334.07 MHz (origineel: 667 MHz)
CPU Multiplier 5.0x
CPU FSB 66.81 MHz (origineel: 133 MHz)
Geheugenbus 66.81 MHz

With help from an other forum we came to the conclusion the multiplier value is wrong. Something that has to be changed in BIOS.

I have a BIOS by award,

But i can't find anything to change the multiplier value.

The only thing i could find was this: cpu host/ pci clock in chipset features.
It was on default, but could be set at 66/33mhz-75/37mhz of 83/41mhz.
I tried 66/33mhz but did not change the computer back to 666Mhz.
The guy at the forum didn't know how to help me further. I hope someone here can. :?: :idea: :!: :wink: