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#715 by KANJI
Mon Apr 08, 2002 4:08 am
Hello, I am having a serious problem that I cannot fix. I have a PC Chips motherboard slot 1/socket 370 model M741 LMRT. I am currently running a 64mb chip that came with the computer. I went out today and purchased a Kingston pc100 128mb stick thinking it would help, but the opposite has happened.

After installing the chip I noticed that the computer was much slower than before and doing simple things like opening up a browser while listening to winamp would cause the music to start to skip very bad.

I initially had my 64mb stick installed in the first slot followed by the kingston in the second. So I tried moving the Kingston to the first slot and putting my 64mb one to the second one and I got the same result.

After doing this I took out my 64mb stick completely and just left the Kingston in there and the same darn thing happened. I thought that addign RAM was a good thing, but I guess in my case its not turning out to be all that great.

My processor is a PII 400mhz celeron. I believe its designed to operate at 66mhz frontside bus, so maybe this could be the problem.

What do you guys suggest? Should I take a trip to Best Buy or Fry's electronics and pick up a stick of RAM that is 66mhz?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.