ASRock M810LMR - WTF?

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What's ASRock :?: It looks like something between Asus and ECS.
The markings on the board look like Asus. However the boards are very cheap.
And what's this :?: They have a board called M810LMR - but it's totally different from PC Chips M810LMR :?: :!:
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I have an ASROCK k7s8x that came with a system from (now out of business) and they claimed the company is a division of Asus. My system reboots constantly for no reason (see my post) but it could be my fault. I think you get what you pay for.
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Asrock was created by Asus aimed at the lower cost sector to beat/hamper ECS/Pcchips as they are very effective there

And yes - the M810LMR is completely different from Pcchips M810LMR/ECS K7SEM

I think Asrock has some older VIa chipset and Pcchips/ECS have SIS
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