Bios doesnt remember CPU Speed..plz read

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when i boot up my comp.. it says "plz reselect cpu speed". when i select the cpu speed. press f10 and again gives the same error.but when i enter the bios setup screen and make no changes i.e do not select the speed. and simply exit..the computer boots normally.this happens everytime i boot my comp.please help me on this.
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Sounds like your battery needs replacing.
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if not, you should check if your CPU is a remark one or not;
or if you use a SLOT-370 card With your cpu, pls try a new card.
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One is a (p5i430tx titanium I B) and a (p5i430vx/250DM explorer II ) boards that support p75-233mmx. one I thought had the jumper set to clear the bios, so I jumpered it and burned two traces on the board. before this it would drain a battery in 3 days.
the other board had a cpu fan that went bad and overheated a power transistor that supplies the cpu Vss. now it takes longer for it to ramp up the vss (starts at 1.75~) to get to 2.87~ volts.
test cpu is a p166 mmx 2.8v.
no hurry, every 3 months I pull these boards back out and scratch my head some more.
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