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I have a Packard Dell desktop with Windows Vista and recently my graphics card burned out (to such an extent that I can’t use it again to disable). I took my PC to PC World and the assistant in the shop replaced my graphics card with a nvidia GeeForce 8400GS. He told me that when I got home I’d need to disable my old graphics card, but when I turn on my computer to do this all I see is a black screen with the white mouse icon.

I have therefore started the computer in BIOS by pressing F2 on start-up to try to disable my graphics card but am unable to see what I need to change / do?

The main menu options are:

1) Main Menu
I. IDE Channel 0 Master
II. IDE Channel 0 Slave
III. IDE Channel 2 Master
IV. IDE Channel 3 Master

2) Advanced
3) CPU Config
4) Advanced BIOS
5) Advanced Chip set features
6) Integrated Peripherals
7) Power Management Set-up
8) PNP / PCI Config
9) PC Health Status

What menu do I need to go into / what specifically do I need to change?

Once changed what are the next steps? Do I then need to remove any programs / hardware once in Windows Vista before I install the new graphics card software?

Any advice is much appreciated


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The steps depend on what your current system model is, so series (iMax, iMedia, iMedia XS, iPower, iXtreme, oneTwo) and model (PT.U*** or PW.U**). This way we know what the other menus might be. Otherwise we will have to guess a bit.

Most systems let you select either the video card installed in the main video card slot (PCI Express x16 or AGP) or a video card installed in a different slot as the primary video card. Look for a BIOS setting named 'Primary Video', 'Initialize First', 'Init Display First' or similar.

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