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I know this is probably the stupidest question you have probably ever heard. But I need to figure out if I can do anything about the BIOS session limit being exceeded. Every time I try and install a sound card driver, it gives me the error code:69 which means BIOS session limit has been exceeded. I read something about being able to change the amount of sessions allowed but can't figure out how to do it.
Is there a simple solution for my problem? I am hardly a computer whiz and don't know much about them at all. Any help you could offer would be great.
BTW, the driver I am trying to install is the Crystal WDM Audio Codec for a PCI sound card I have. The Operating System I am in is W98SE.
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69 45h Network BIOS session limit exceeded

:) Looks like Windows error, not BIOS error. ... 8&oe=UTF-8
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