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#18730 by lokesh
Tue Aug 12, 2003 11:19 am
OK...Here goes...I've screwed up while updating my bios. I downloaded the correct update version for my motherboard (QDI Advanced 9), and followed the instructions given by the manufacturer before updating....all signs show the update was successful, but when I switch on my PC, it seems to boot OK, but when it gets to loading Windows (XP), it just shows a black DOS type screen, and does nothing else. I tried updating the bios, changing it's settings, and all I could think of, but nothing...on the contrary, I now get a message saying I'm missing some .dll file from the windows root folder.... :oops:

I assume reinstalling Windows or formatting my drives won't help (I'm not too sure about that though...), so I ask for anyone's help to solve the issue.... :idea: