Bios update request

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to the Official MSI 7093 v3.9 (2006-02-13)

Download official MSI Bios
Extract & copy files onto bootable floppy disk
Boot computer from floppy
At "A" command prompt type: awfl855a w7093ams.390 /sn/py/ld/f

The bios update will be in progress for about 30secs to 1min.

When bios-update is complete, press F1 to reboot

Press DEL to enter Bios Setup & Configure Settings

Save Settings & Exit

Boot into Operating System

Windows will search for drivers & probably ask for driver files etc etc


Computer functions as it should. No problems.
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I have a problem with my BIOS too except that instead of the BIOS starting up I get the black screen of death. At the same time I get these beeping sounds coming from the motherboard every few seconds. How can I fix it? I'm running an HP Pavilion a1250n also (no upgrades).
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